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About Us

Cleaning Supplies


Pink Planett Housekeeping - Our reputation is spotless. Since 2020, we have become one of the best upcoming cleaning companies in the UK covering London, the West Midlands, Scotland and Wales. We have started this company to make the lives of our clients with busy schedules much easier. We provide quality and professional services only.

All our staffs are vetted, interviewed and checked before we send them over to your homes and commercial properties. This makes it simpler and since most of our clients trust us with their keys, we want to make sure no harm is being made to their properties.

We understand each client is different thereby making their needs different so we offer tailor made cleaning services according to what each client needs and wants. Because all of our cleaners are human beings that can make mistakes, we will re clean all spaces that have not been cleaned to the required standards free of charge as long as we are informed within 2 - 3 hours after the cleaning has been completed.


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